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We offer our express transportation service countrywide and abroad, and organize both complete and partial loads (groupage). We collect goods throughout Europe on a daily basis and transport it directly to northern Italy. We have spacious warehouse facilities in which we check and store the goods in total security for short or long periods. For us, meeting the needs of our customers means working closely together, with precision and punctuality, advising on the best service, tailor-made also to the type of goods to be transported. We also meet the delivery requirements in the time and manner agreed on with the company, relying on qualified, experienced staff. All goods are shipped on vehicles with statutory insurance coverage. On request, we take out ALL RISK insurance for the full value of the goods.

30 years of efficiency

For 30 years, we have driven along the roads of Italy and Europe, following the market trends, because our growth is a guarantee of competitiveness and efficiency for anyone who entrusts us to transport their goods.

We invest in our fleet

Since 1990 we have made continuous investments in our vehicles to offer cutting-edge technology and competitiveness. We have an extensive fleet of vehicles with large capacities, which allows us to transport goods of any type and quantity. We also have over 30 vehicles in the categories Euro 5 and Euro 6, which ensure a reduction of pollutant emissions into the atmosphere. All vehicles have a tail lift and a curtain-side body that can be adjusted in height and opened on the top/sides to ease loading and unloading operations. Modern satellite systems allow us to locate goods in real time and monitor the collection and delivery operations.

TM Marchiori - Traporti nazionali e internazionali
TM Marchiori - Camion MAN
TM Marchiori - Traporti nazionali e internazionali

Groupage and express transports in italy and europe

Shipments are combined with both groupage shipments and complete express loads of all types of materials in Italy and Europe, with daily collections throughout the European Union.

NORTHERN ITALY daily / twice a week towards:

CENTRAL ITALY three times a week towards:

SOUTHERN ITALY twice a week towards:

EUROPE twice a week towards:

TM Marchiori - Logistica e stoccaggio merci

Logistics and storage of goods

All goods arriving at our warehouse are checked, stored and handled in total safety using equipment (forklift trucks, cranes etc.) that has been tested in accordance with the legislation into force. Our warehouse staff operate in total safety to guarantee that all packages handled are protected from any damage.

On request, we collect any type of goods from our customers' own suppliers. A further very important service we offer is the delivery of orders made in Italy to all parts of Europe in the time and manner considered most appropriate by our Customer.

TM Marchiori - Ritiro bancali e contenitori

Pick-up of pallets and containers

TM MARCHIORI also offers a collection service for empty pallets of the EPAL/EUR type, metal and plastic containers, trolleys, or any type of packaging, and stores them in our warehouse and depot.

Menu of services

  • Direct groupage delivery throughout Italy
  • Telephone reservation for collection and delivery
  • Return of pallets and containers
  • Cash-on-delivery service
  • Express transports (on suitably sized vehicle)
  • Transport of hazardous materials
  • Transport of extra-long goods (always covered)
  • Goods tracking service (status of shipment)
  • ALL RISK insurance (additional policy)
  • Integrated logistics (personalised solutions)
  • Transport of heavy and/or bulky machinery
  • Transport of waste